These 8 Tours Will Take You To The Most Haunted Places In Cleveland

Northeast Ohio is a haunted region with much history. From the horrors of the Torso Murders to tragedies like the Cleveland Clinic Fire and an explosion in 1944, there is a dark side to life here that locals often prefer to forget. Each autumn, however, we are reminded of the chills and thrills our region offers as we move closer to Halloween. There are countless incredible haunted houses in the area, but a few destinations are genuinely haunted by spirits that’ll cloud your dreams. Get ready, because the season of spooky fun is finally arriving in Greater Cleveland.

There’s so much to discover right in our own backyards, and some of those stories will leave you chilled to the bone. How many of these haunted destinations have you visited?

If you enjoyed these spooky tours, you’ll probably love a visit to Cleveland’s most haunted armory.

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