If you’ve never seen a covered bridge in Ohio, then you are missing out on a certain sort of beauty that’s well worth admiring. There’s a sort of simplicity about them, and they’re honestly marvels of engineering in their own right. The cover on these bridges prolongs their lifespan to five times that of an uncovered bridge, and the oldest covered bridge near Cleveland is nearly 200 years old. It’s located about an hour away in Trumbull County, and it’s the last remaining bridge in the immediate area. While Ashtabula County has more bridges than you can count on both hands, they’re something of an oddity outside of the immediate district… and they’re so worth seeing in person.

As the oldest covered bridge near Cleveland, this incredible landmark is well worth the drive. Plus, the landscape on the way there is absolutely mesmerizing! Have you ever taken a road trip to an Ohio covered bridge or two? Tell us about it in the comments!

Want to learn more about our region’s hidden history of bridges? Believe it or not, Clevelanders once fought a war over a bridge — this is one story you won’t learn in school.

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