Wendy Park In Cleveland Becomes A Butterfly Forest Each Fall

Northeast Ohio is a super sweet destination, especially in the autumn. Our many farms, corn mazes, and family-oriented attractions draw in visitors from all over the state. However, annual instinct attracts one other visitor each autumn… the monarch butterfly! Believe it or not, this gorgeous critter stops by Cleveland around the first day of autumn, and they swarm the Cleveland Metroparks in search of nourishment. Today, we’re going to take a look at monarchs in Wendy Park. You’ll surely find yourself enchanted by their presence!

Nature lovers adore spotting monarchs in Wendy Park and around Cleveland each autumn, and their rust-tinged hues add to the overall autumn atmosphere of the region. Have you ever witnessed crowds of monarchs in person? We’d love to hear about your experience and see any photos you have taken!

If you enjoy the company of butterflies, you simply must check out the butterflies in the Cleveland Botanical Garden.