The Remnants Of Jaite, An Old Preserved Company Town, Are Hiding In The Woods Near Cleveland

To this day, the name Pullman makes historians cringe a little. Pullman founded its self-named company community in which workers were forced to live and work. While the houses were fairly comfortable, they were¬†expensive, and workers were only allowed to rent, never to buy, their homes. What the company intended to be a utopia became a nightmare as jobs were slowly cut but rents were never lowered. Believe it or not, company towns were actually commonplace back in the day. There’s a company town near Cleveland that’s still largely standing, though the factory it fueled is long-gone. Life here was a little different than in dreary places like Pullman, Illinois. Check it out:

This old company town near Cleveland is a reminder that companies can make a difference in their communities. According to a blog post on the National Park Services website, the Jaite Mill was actually a pleasant place to work! Nonetheless, industrialization took over the world, and mills became a thing of the past. Fortunately for us, this history is preserved amidst the greenery of Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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