This Incredible Gothic Church In Cleveland Was The First Hungarian Church In The Country

Local churches offer an incredible glimpse into an often forgotten piece of Cleveland’s past. Churches and cathedrals tell the stories of some of our earliest residents, and they reveal where many local immigrants came from. Not only do they capture a certain sort of heavenly beauty, but these incredible edifices are also something of a living time capsule. A few Cleveland churches are unlike any other in the nation, and this one Hungarian church has a history worthy of exploration.

Cleveland comes with an incredible history, and much of that is preserved in our churches and cathedrals. Where did your family come from? Did they attend services at a local church?

If this architecture inspires you, you’re sure to adore the lovely Russian Orthodox church hidden in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood.

Address: 9016 Buckeye Rd, Cleveland, OH 44104, USA