10 Of The Greatest Hiking Trails On Earth Are Right Here In Cleveland

Hiking comes with a different meaning depending on where you are. In some places, it means going off-trail and rock climbing. In others, it means adventuring through the mountains. Here in Cleveland, it means reconvening with nature. We may be strolling through a bog, admiring local carnivorous plants, or perhaps exploring the landscape of Gildersleeve Mountain. We wander through the Cleveland Metroparks and local green spaces. We hike through former farms and quarries… sometimes, it seems, we hike through space and time, as some of the greatest trails on the planet are right here in Greater Cleveland.

This beautiful and unusual landscape of ours hides many surprising features. Sometimes, it seems like our landscape is heaven on earth. Did we miss any of your favorite trails? Drop your suggestions for incredible local hikes in the comments.

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