This Dungeon Tour Near Cleveland Will Take You Deep Below A County Jail

We Clevelanders love a good road trip. With spring break just around the corner, many families are looking forward to the opportunity to take a getaway or two. Even if spring break isn’t on your agenda, you’ve probably noticed that the entirety of Northeast Ohio is overflowing with spectacular attractions. None, however, are as historically spooky as this one interesting site near Cleveland. Buckle up, because you’re about to journey back in time through the eyes of a local criminal.

Can’t wait to take a tour? Check out this video by WBGUTV for a virtual walk-through of the jail and dungeon:

There is so much to do all across the state, but life is most interesting up here on Lake Erie’s coast. Fortunately for us, adventure is hidden everywhere around us. Just imagine the stories we’d hear if walls could talk!

Looking for more creepy fun? There is so much haunted history to explore right here in Cleveland!