Clevelanders Will Never Forget The 1970s… When Our City Was Known As Bomb City, USA

Cleveland carries with it a bit of a negative connotation that’s somewhat rooted in the local culture. While we may no longer be The Mistake On The Lake, there certainly is a reason certain locals refuse to let that reputation die. And what is that reason? Well, to be quite frank, the blame lies in the 1970s. Though the decade brought much-needed environmental change, it also brought a save of crime that shook Cleveland to the core. If you have never heard the tales of the Cleveland, Ohio bombings, then you will probably be surprised to learn that our city once had a very different nickname: Bomb City U.S.A.

Cleveland’s storied past is… well, diverse and disturbing at times, but it is also truly fascinating. Do you remember the Cleveland, Ohio bombings of the 1970s?

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