Travel From Cleveland To Mansfield To Experience BibleWalk’s Wax Museum And Bible Collection

Cleveland is an interesting city in terms of religion. Its residents hail from all around the world, and they’ve brought with them culture that has led to the creation of unique religious sites like St. Theodosius and Shiva Vishnu Temple. Though we also have accumulated religious art in museums like the Museum of Divine Statues, you will not find a wax museum in Cleveland… especially if you are looking for one filled with figures from religious scripture. You can, however, visit such a place just about an hour south of Cleveland. Prepare for a road trip, because you will want to pay a visit to this interesting spot.

As the only wax museum in Ohio, this interesting Mansfield landmark is one you won’t want to pass up. Do you know anyone that would be interested in taking this tour? Tag them in the comments!

Longing for more history? Check out the Cleveland History Center!

Address: 500 Tingley Ave, Mansfield, OH 44905, USA