10 Eerie Photos Of Cleveland’s Abandoned Buildings From The 1900s That Are Downright Ghostly

Cleveland has evolved over the years, struggling through rough times and celebrating good ones. Businesses have come and gone, neighborhoods have risen and fallen, but The Land has worked hard to restore many places that have fallen into disrepair. In 2016, leading up to the Republican National Convention, our cityscape underwent quite a change, especially in more derelict neighborhoods. Even Public Square received something of a facelift. Despite the positive changes that have altered Cleveland’s landscape, photos of hard times still exist. The 1900s were a tumultuous century, full of ups, downs, and incredible changes. Let’s take a look at the landscape that was once Cleveland:

Cleveland has changed greatly over the years, particularly in recent years, but the ghosts of its past still linger in the forms of photographs and videos. Do you recognize any of the abandoned destinations that haunt these photos?

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