The Charming Spot In Cleveland You’ll Want To Visit Time And Time Again

Cleveland is a beautiful city, but what is truly mind-blowing to consider is how the city’s residents of yore must have felt the first time they came face-to-face with some of its most spectacular features. Imagine, for example, being a Cleveland native during the construction of The Old Arcade, also known as Cleveland’s Crystal Palace. Imagine how it must have felt to walk into one of the most gorgeous buildings in this part of the country… truth be told, you probably don’t have to imagine. If you are like many Clevelanders, you may not realize that the city actually is home to more than one arcade. Get ready to experience incredible beauty, because these shopping centers are truly gems.

Cleveland’s history is fascinating, and locals have done an incredible job of preserving and celebrating it. Have you ever visited these beautiful arcades? Which store is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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