This Rare Footage Of A Cleveland Area Amusement Park Will Have You Longing For The Good Old Days

When Northeast Ohio was first settled, the stunning and scenic Geauga Lake was affectionately known as Picnic Lake. Everything changed, however, in 1887, and locals were excited for the future of this lovely lake. In this year, the area was established as a park and in just two short years, a carousel would make the grounds iconic.

If you grew up in Greater Cleveland, you probably remember this charming amusement park. It was known by many names—Six Flags Ohio, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom—and it delighted several generations until it finally closed its doors following the 2007 season. The adjacent water park operated as a separate entity until it, too, closed down in 2016. Ever since, the amusement park grounds have remained completely abandoned. Nevertheless, memories of this amazing amusement park live on. This 1979 commercial from robatsea2009 may even take you back to your childhood:

Did you love this amusement park? You’ll be surprised to see what it looks like today. Share your favorite memories from Geauga Lake in the comments below!