The Natural Swimming Hole Near Cincinnati That Will Take You Back To The Good Old Days

Before splash parks and over-the-top swimming pools, the only option on a hot summer day was to hunt down a lake, creek, or other water sources to be able to jump in and cool off. It’s not as common now for people to head out into the woods or a park in hopes of finding such a hidden gem, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still exist. Not far from Cincinnati is the beautiful Caesar Creek State Park. Here, you’ll find not only a large beach and lake to explore, but also hidden swimming holes along its many trails. These natural swimming spots will surely cool you off and, at the same time, take you right back to the good old days.

The waters of Caesar Creek State Park are perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day, and they’re not far from Cincinnati. Do you enjoy seeking out swimming holes and jumping in? Have you splashed around at the lake or creeks of Caesar Creek? Let us know in the comments!

Caesar Creek State Park is located at 8570 East State Route 73, Waynesville, OH 45068. For more information, visit its website here and follow along on Facebook here.

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