The Path Through Smale Riverfront Park Is A Magical Place To Watch The Sun Go Down In Cincinnati

If you’re local to Cincinnati and have been here a while, it’s easy to take our beautiful city for granted. Each area of our city has something unique and special to offer and it’s just a lovely place to explore. If you feel you need to renew your love for the Queen City, then make a trip down to Smale Riverfront Park. It’s hard to believe this popular park was once parking lots and empty space, as it is now a beloved gathering place in our city. It also happens to be one of the best places to watch the sunset in Cincinnati. Take an evening stroll along the path through Smale and then enjoy the fun at a game or at The Banks for a delightful evening downtown.

There are many scenic spots to watch the sunset in Cincinnati, but the path that runs through Smale Riverfront Park is truly one of the best. Have you had a romantic evening along the river in Cincinnati? What’s your favorite feature of this area? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Smale Riverfront Park, visit here, and for more on The Banks, head over here.

Park’s Address: 166 W Mehring Way, Cincinnati, OH 45202

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