A Little Park With Big Views, Larz Anderson Is A Beautiful Lesser Known Park In Cincinnati

It’s no secret that there are incredible views of Cincinnati and its surroundings all over the area. From across the river, from a scenic park, or even from the tops of buildings, you can enjoy the beauty of the Queen City. There are some lesser known places in the Tristate where you can take in these views and one of them is Larz Anderson Park. This hidden gem park in Cincinnati sits atop a hill and overlooks the river, downtown, and more and you’re going to love this little park with big and memorable views.

Larz Anderson is a hidden gem park in Cincinnati that has been around for decades. This little park offers some of the most sweeping views of our beautiful city and is worth a stop in this lovely neighborhood. Have you been up to Larz Anderson Park? Let us know in the comments and share your other favorite hidden gem parks with us, as well!

For more information on Larz Anderson Park, visit its Cincinnati Parks website.

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Address: 2905 Golden Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226, USA