Surprise Yourself With One Of The Best Fish Sandwiches In Cincinnati At Jim & Jack’s On The River

Dive bars and live music destinations are always a good time and there are plenty of them scattered across our city. While these places may not always be known for their tasty menus, some do offer delicious food that warrants a visit. Whether during Lent or any other time of year, Jim & Jack’s on the River serves up one of the best fish sandwiches in Cincinnati. This local dive on River Road on the westside definitely caters to regulars, but it also welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy great food, live music, and an atmosphere that makes for a fun dining experience in the Queen City.

Easy to get to and always a good time, Jim & Jack’s on the River is a surprising restaurant and bar that has a menu you’ll love. Be sure to try the Cod-Father first, as it’s one of the best fish sandwiches in Cincinnati, and stick around for some live music, dancing, and maybe even more of the tasty menu. Is this local spot one of your favorites? What other dives around town have a surprisingly delicious menu? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Jim & Jack’s, including hours and a calendar of events, visit its website and follow along on Facebook.

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Address: 3456 River Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45204, USA