Caine Road Covered Bridge ⁠Is The Most Irresistably Charming Roadside Attraction In Ohio

If there’s anything more irresistibly charming than an old, covered bridge, we sure don’t know what it is. The original roadside attraction, covered bridges harken back to a simpler, slower time that’s just plain delightful to revisit. In Ashtabula County, the Caine Road Covered Bridge is a glorious work of architectural art that, while not one of the Buckeye State’s oldest, has the distinction of being the first Pratt truss bridge in Ohio, and it’s a beguiling beauty sure to capture your heart.

Have you visited the Caine Road Covered Bridge before? This is a delightful covered bridge in Ohio that makes for a wholesome and wonderful day trip adventure.

Address: Caine Road Covered Bridge, 4699 Caine Rd, Jefferson, OH 44047, USA