What Lies Beneath The Streets Of This Ohio City Is Creepy Yet Amazing

By now, you may have heard about Cincinnati’s abandoned subway—but did you know that Cleveland is also home to a lonely and long-forgotten subway system?

The Detroit-Superior Bridge, (also known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge), is a 3,112 ft. long arch bridge over the Cuyahoga River, linking Detroit Avenue and Superior Avenue. When cars pass over this bridge, they’re also passing over a lower streetcar level that hasn’t been in operation since 1954.

The bridge and its underground level took five years to complete. It first opened to traffic on Thanksgiving Day in 1917.  In 1930, the bridge was called the “nation’s busiest”, with traffic reaching a volume of about 70,400 automobiles a day, according to The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History.

Today, the streetcar level remains vacant and closed off.  However, a few times a year the Cuyahoga County Engineer’s Office opens the system to the public—allowing urban explorers to venture through the lonely (and slightly eerie) tunnels.

Watch the video below to view an urban explorer’s experience in Cleveland’s abandoned subway:

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