Coyote Creek Cave in Northern California is definitely a treat for anyone looking for a place to cool off on a hot day. We know summer can be a little sweltering here. But even if you’re not looking to swim, everyone loves to explore some of the many natural wonders in Northern California. If you’ve been looking for one of our great marvels, your search is over. Natural Bridges in Calaveras County is an absolutely amazing, relatively secret swimming hole in Northern California. This place will blow your mind with how cool it is! It’s not every day you can enjoy an underground swimming hole straight out of a fairy tale.

Have you been to Coyote Creek Cave in Northern California? This is one of the coolest places we’ve seen lately… after all, it’s not every day you encounter an underground swimming hole in Northern California! It’s impossible not to be wowed and amazed by this natural wonder. Are you brave enough to swim in this underground creek?

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Coyote Creek Cave In Northern California

What are some more great swimming holes in Northern California?

Other great swimming holes in Northern California include:

  • The South Fork of the Yuba River in Nevada City is an absolutely incredible spot that looks like a natural hot tub. Clothing is optional there, so it's not a spot you'll want to bring the kids to!
  • Bass Lake in Point Reyes is reachable via a 2.7-mile coastal hike.
  • Mad River in Kneeland has clear, pristine water and a rope swing for some added fun!


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What are some of the best summer destinations in Northern California?

The best summer destination in Northern California include:

  • Lake Tahoe
  • Gray Whale Cove in Half Moon Bay
  • Granite Bay at Folsom Lake


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What are the best beaches in Northern California?

Everyone loves to head out to our Pacific beaches, but we actually have a ton of great inland beaches in Northern California, too. They don't get quite as much press as the saltwater variety, but places like the west and east ends of Donner Lake are incredible and you may even forget you're not at the ocean!

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