The Legends Behind This Northern California Mountain Will Keep You Up At Night

The northern part of the great state of California is where you’ll find all sorts of stunning natural landscapes, from lush valleys to the craggy mountains of the Sierra Nevadas, but beautiful places have their legends, too. Mount Shasta in Northern California Northern Californians towers above the surrounding hills and valleys, can be seen from miles away and is just downright gorgeous. Many locals in Northern California don’t know, however, just how many crazy stories and mysterious legends surround this iconic peak.

The scary stories of Northern California are a true trip, friends, and OH do we have one for you…have you heard the stories around Mount Shasta?

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Address: Mount Shasta, Mt Shasta, CA 96067, USA
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Mount Shasta in Northern California

March 08, 2021

What are the scariest haunted attractions in Northern California?

Haunted attractions can be found in spades here in Northern California, whether you’re seeking a ghost ship or a trip to an eerie cavern. Preston Castle in Ione is open for tours and was once a reform school where a housekeeper was murdered and corporal punishment was common. Be prepared for a weeping cave if you ever head to the Moaning Cavern in Vallecito, where the state’s most ancient bones have been buried.

What haunted hiking trails can I take in Northern California?

There are a few haunted trails in Northern California that just might shock you with their dark histories and old tales. The Moro Rock Trail in Tulare takes hikers up a stark granite rock formation that promises incredible views and…potentially bizarre, ghostly figures that show up in photographs? If you take the Alum Rock Trail in San Jose, keep in mind that you may feel the presence of a dark spirit following you.

Are there any haunted hotels in Northern California?

There are plenty of haunted hotels in Northern California including the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco and Historic Cary House Hotel in Placerville. The La Playa Hotel in Carmel hosts the ghost of a young woman, once the heir to the Ghirardelli fortune and the Glass Beach Inn located in Fort Bragg has a singular chair that is said to bring about an untimely death to those who sit in it. Yikes!

Address: Mount Shasta, Mt Shasta, CA 96067, USA