There’s A Strange Phenomenon In North Dakota And It’s Too Beautiful For Words

Earlier this year, storm chaser and photographer Mike Olbinski was traveling through North Dakota and saw an incredible and rare phenomenon. This happened near the town of Bowdon and it is awe-inspiring. Luckily for us, he captured this occurrence in a beautiful video.

This phenomenon is one of the most rare cloud formations, undulatus asperatus. This formation can almost be described as the view of waves above our heads as if the world was under water. It is extremely uncommon to see, let alone be captured on video. What’s more, the photographer happened to catch this amazing sight while the sun was setting. This resulted in one of the most mesmerizing videos ever captured in North Dakota.

Check it out:

It’s almost hard to believe this can actually happen, but it is entirely real! North Dakota provided the perfect place to view it and a stunning landscape for it to be over.

You can check out more of Mike Olbinski’s videos by clicking the link, and you can get more information about his work at his website.

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