A Strange Phenomenon Has Happened In North Dakota And The Beauty Was Captured On Video

In the summer of 2017, storm chaser and photographer Mike Olbinski was traveling through North Dakota and saw an incredible and rare phenomenon. This happened near the town of Bowdon and it is awe-inspiring. Luckily for us, he captured this weather phenomenon in North Dakota in a beautiful video.

This phenomenon is one of the rarest cloud formations, undulatus asperatus. This formation can almost be described as the view of waves above our heads as if the world was underwater. It is extremely uncommon to see, let alone be captured on video. What’s more, the photographer happened to catch this amazing sight while the sun was setting. This resulted in one of the most mesmerizing videos ever captured in North Dakota.

Check out this incredible weather phenomenon in North Dakota:

It’s almost hard to believe this can actually happen, but it is entirely real! North Dakota provided the perfect place to view it and a stunning landscape for it to be over.

You can check out more of Mike Olbinski’s videos by clicking the link, and you can get more information about his work at his website.

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Weather Phenomenon In North Dakota

April 24, 2020

What is the weather like in North Dakota in the summer?

The weather in North Dakota changes throughout the year greatly. Winters are known to be harsh, with extremely cold temperatures and lots of snow, the springs wet with rain and floods, summers hot and humid, and falls beautifully mild with an early chill. It’s most often in summer that you’ll find storms like this one. Especially in late summer, such as August, storms roll across the prairie often and sometimes even spawn tornados. After a storm, the temperature is usually in the 70s and very nice. Before a storm, it might be as high as the 90s and humid at times. There is plenty of sunny days to use for outdoor fun, just remember to wear sunscreen and bring bug spray.

What are the weirdest things about North Dakota?

This is just one of many strange things that happen in North Dakota, especially when it comes to weather phenomena. Another weird part of experiencing weather in the state is definitely the sun dogs. If you’ve never heard of that before, you might be confused as to what that even means. A sun dog is actually a halo of light, sometimes looking like a circular rainbow, that appears in the sky around the sun. It happens during the winter when the air in the atmosphere is so cold that it is full of frozen ice crystals. People have also seen a bizarre natural occurrence where ice in a river formed a perfect circle that spins around. There was a video posted on it that went viral some years back, and you can view it here.

What is the most beautiful aerial footage of North Dakota?

This beautiful video of North Dakota is just one of many you can see. Aerial footage of the state is especially breathtaking, and we’ve shared some of the best drone videos taken over the Peace Garden State. This video showcases some of the beauty of western North Dakota. Another aerial footage video shot here displays hardworking farmers busy with harvest in a mesmerizing way. If you’re looking for photographs, here is an entire gallery of aerial photos taken over our lovely state. It looks incredible from a birds-eye view.

Address: Bowdon, ND 58418, USA