9 Relatable Things About North Dakota All North Dakotans Know

There are some things that just come standard to being from North Dakota no matter what kind of person you are. Other than being “North Dakota Nice,” here are nine relatable things about North Dakota you probably recognize if you’re from this state. Some will make you laugh out loud — and that’s what we’re going for. We North Dakotans are an amazing group, and we’re proud of our strength, tenacity, and spirit (and we don’t mean to brag, but people from other states just don’t understand all of the things that make us so incredibly awesome. See #3…).

What other things do you think everyone can relate to that are part of being North Dakotan? If you went to high school in the Peace Garden State, here are more relatable things you might remember.

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Relatable Things About North Dakota

February 12, 2021

What are the best things about living in North Dakota?

North Dakota living isn’t for everyone. The winters are harsh, the biggest cities are sometimes referred to as “small towns” by out-of-staters who are used to cities having a million or more residents, and it’s not exactly a top tourist destination. However, there are a lot of things to love about living in North Dakota. There’s a lot of peace and quiet. It’s not hard to find a spot you can have to yourself to sit back and listen to the wind blow through the grass. It offers a slower pace of life, which is sorely missed by a lot of people in busier environments. North Dakota is also full of great people – always willing to lend a hand and stand with their communities.

What stereotypes are there about North Dakota?

Whether or not these are actual things people from North Dakota do, there are a few wacky stereotypes about the state that are hard to escape. A lot of people not from here are under the assumption that everyone here lives on a farm. Some even ask if we have electricity, internet, or other modern technology. The harsh winters lead some people to believe we’re in igloos! This is not at all true, of course. We have modern homes, a lot of North Dakotans live in cities or suburbs, and even those that do have farms aren’t living in the homesteading days. A lot of farm technology is pretty advanced, actually. It’s their farms that help feed the whole country, too. North Dakota isn’t known as the “breadbasket of America” for nothing.

What are the weirdest things about North Dakota?

There are plenty of weird things about North Dakota that some people have come to love, or at least embrace. North Dakota isn’t much for tourist attractions – it’s one of the least visited states, after all – but it makes up for that in quirky roadside attractions, especially largern-than-life statues. We’re home to the “World’s Largest” buffalo, holstein cow, sandhill crane, catfish, and even #1 in the very specific category of giant snowmobile-riding turtles (no, I’m not making that up. He’s in Bottineau and his name is Tommy). We even have an Enchanted Highway with some of the world’s largest scrap metal sculptures along the road that depict everything from massive deer jumping over a multi-story-tall fence to grasshoppers bigger than your car.

Address: North Dakota, USA