People Drive From All Over For The Ice Cream At This Charming North Dakota Soda Fountain

Take a step back in time at the only remaining place that has this special ice cream in not only North Dakota, but the whole world! It’ll make you think back to the good old days, and you’ll be able to try out their famous cold treats that people come around for miles just to have. There is no other place that exists like it, and it’s well worth the drive. Take a look:

The Dakota Drug Co. is located at 107 S Main, Stanley, ND 58784. For more information, click here.

While you can’t actually jump in a time machine to go back to the days where soda fountains were all the rage, a Whirla-Whip from this soda fountain certainly will get you close. The best way to peek back into the past is photographs, and North Dakota has some truly fascinating ones of what all small towns had back in the day.