These 10 Rare Photos Show North Dakota’s Ranching History Like Never Before

North Dakota has always been a state based primarily around farming. Thousands of tons of food is produced here every year. From wheat to corn, sugar beets to soybeans, and plenty of other things in between. North Dakota is also a place with a large amount of ranches. Cattle, sheep, and even bison are raised here by the thousands. Each year, the state produces millions of gallons of milk and many tons of meat.

Needless to say, ranching is an important part of the Peace Garden State and has been for well over a century. These rare, old photographs will show you this history like you’ve never seen. Let’s take a step back in time and take a look:

Do you or your family have any history in ranching in North Dakota? Check out more of the state’s history here – the best way to look into the past is with photographs, but video footage is even better!

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