Find A Pot Of Gold At The End Of This North Dakota Trail This March

There are many reasons to check out North Dakota’s many awesome trails and hikes, but did you ever think chasing the end of the rainbow for a pot of gold was one of them? That’s right, during March of 2021 you can look for clues along a trail in one of the Peace Garden State’s prettiest parks and find a pot of gold at the end! This is the perfect unique trail in North Dakota to bring kids on and have fun this month.

If you take on the trail and find all the charms and pot of gold, send in your selfie and charm list to the Lake Metigoshe State Park Facebook page. They have more information about the trail and park on that page, as well.

St. Patrick’s Day and the melting snow mean we’re heading into spring. If this trail has inspired you to take more hikes, here is a list of spring hikes in North Dakota you can take.

Address: Lake Metigoshe State Park, 2514 2nd St E, Bottineau, ND 58318, USA