Grab Some Steak Fondue And Watch An Outdoor Musical At This Awesome Spot In North Dakota

North Dakota has a unique attraction that you probably won’t find in the same combination anywhere else in the world. This timeless summer activity is one that many people have done, people who have traveled from all over the world. Everyone should experience it at least once if possible. It is part of the “NoDak” experience at this point and will be for many years to come. Prepare for dinner and a show out in one of the prettiest places in the state right here:

Now that it’s almost summer, the Medora Musical is setting up for another great year. The 2019 season begins May 31st and runs through to September 7th. Click here for information on tickets, times, and more.

Address: 3422 Chateau Road, Medora, ND, 58645

Medora is popular not just for its musical, history, and food; it is also perfect due to its location right next to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It’s North Dakota’s only national park and an amazing one at that. Find out more about it right here!