The Most Delicious Bakery Is Hiding Inside This Unsuspecting North Dakota Gas Station

You might not expect it, but some of the most delicious baked goods in North Dakota are at a gas station. This particular station has a combination cafe and bakery and their pies are to die for. Not only that, but they have a full menu of meal options to go with a slice. Drive right up and enjoy the home-style cooking and baking from this place, and you’ll be glad you stopped.

Address: 4720 Gateway Drive, Grand Forks, ND, 58203

The Roadhouse Cafe is open 24/7, so you can visit at any time. Visit their Facebook page for a full menu and more information.

Pie is one of those perfect desserts that never seems to get old. This place may have awesome pie, but it’s not the only spot in North Dakota you can grab a slice. Here’s an entire list of great places in ND to get some tasty, fresh-baked pie.