You Can See For Miles And Miles On This Incredibly Beautiful Butte In North Dakota

There are few better views in North Dakota than on top of this particular butte. You’ll feel like you can see far beyond the horizon as you gaze over miles and miles of both lake and land. You might even feel like you’re on top of the world! Plus, this particular spot is also a historic site with a deep and fascinating story. Pictures don’t do it justice, it is definitely one of those spots you have to see in person to be able to fully appreciate. Here is just a hint of what you’ll have to look forward to if you visit it:

Crow Flies High Butte is located just west of New Town, North Dakota off of Highway 23. There is no admission fee to enter the recreation area. Just drive up and enjoy the sight!

Did you know that the highest point in North Dakota is on a butte? It isn’t Crow Flies High Butte; it’s actually a lone butte in the southwest corner of the state. Read more about it here.