Many many years ago, a meteor plummeted to earth, crashing next to modern-day Elizabethtown and forming what is now known as White Lake. Well, that’s one theory on how a crystal clear lake came to be in North Carolina. Another theory is that White Lake is actually a huge spring-fed lake containing artesian water ascending from an unknown depth. With water slowly seeping into the lake (as opposed to all at once) it helps eliminate typical ‘dark material’ found in most lakes. While science is there to explain, our eyes are here to appreciate the beauty. One glance at White Lake and you’ll be stunned at the fact a piece of the Caribbean exists right in North Carolina.

White Lake is such a beautiful place! Have you ever visited here?

While White Lake is an easy choice for taking a dip, you might want to heed with caution when venturing into certain bodies of water after this discovery.

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