You May Not Want To Swim In These ​North Carolina Waters ​This Summer Due To A Dangerous Discovery

As waters around the world heat up, bacteria grows. Across the globe the growth of cyanobacteria species has been increasing in frequency and over the last year there’s been a rise in potentially dangerous algae blooms, especially in North Carolina waters. What does this mean exactly? Algae blooms – or the ‘blue/green stuff’ seen floating in ponds can cause skin rashes, liver damage, and neurological changes. While no one would intentionally jump in a questionable looking pond, algae blooms in larger bodies of water, where one might not notice, are the real cause for concern.

Seems like a good case of, ‘the more you know.’ Have you encountered any massive algae blooms this summer?

While you might want to steer clear of certain waters, you can guarantee these 10 swimming holes are safe for swimming.