This Short Hike In North Carolina Leads To Fascinating Evidence Of Ancient Volcanoes

It may come as a surprise to hear that millions of years ago, when all of present-day North Carolina was covered by an ocean, an arc of volcanoes formed and eventually pushed up through the surface of the water to create a few volcanic islands. Even more surprising is that we can still see visible evidence of that volcanic activity – just by taking a hike.

It’s important to note that removing rocks and ancient artifacts from these trails is not a good idea. Take the ‘leave no trace’ motto one step further and also ‘take no trace’ when you’re chasing volcanoes along the Eno. Also, be sure to refer to the above AllTrails links for each trail before embarking on your volcano adventure, just to make sure the trails are currently open.

For more information about the ancient volcanoes along the Eno River, you can read Phil Bradley’s full geology report here.

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