A Toxic Blue-Green Algae Bloom Has Killed 3 Dogs In A North Carolina Pond This Summer

In the Land of Waterfalls the last thing we want to hear is there is a danger lurking in the water – a toxin that may, or may not yet be visible. However, in a tragic turn of events earlier this month, three dogs died within hours after swimming in a Wilmington area pond laced with a toxic blue green algae bloom.

It’s important to note that toxic blue green algae has not been reported in widespread locations throughout North Carolina. This was an incident localized to a single pond near Wilmington. However, phytoplankton are known to develop and thrive in still waters that are exposed to harsh sunlight for long periods of time.

Also, none of the photos in this article depict the pond where the three North Carolina dogs swam and died soon after in the recent tragic event. These photos are meant to illustrate both clean water that’s contaminated as well as water that is obviously covered in algae and also contaminated. Please use the images as a means of educating yourself and (other) dog owners about just what to look for and avoid to keep your pets safe.