This Incredible Hike In North Carolina Leads You To A Waterfall, Over A Granite Dome, And Past An Old Homestead

The face of Stone Mountain rises 600 feet above the surrounding terrain in Roaring Gap, North Carolina, and is barren on one side unless you wish to count Mother Nature’s artwork on the facade. Streaked with brown and gray from top to bottom, the massive granite dome may seem a bit daunting for the average hiker to conquer. But even if you’re a complete novice at trail hikes, don’t fall victim to self-doubt. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way – especially on the most popular trail at Stone Mountain North Carolina.

Stone Mountain State Park also has 75 individual picnic sites – so bring lunch and spend even more time gaping at this awesome North Carolina natural wonder. The park is open year-round, beginning at 7 a.m. Closing times vary by season. Learn more about the park and its features from the official website of North Carolina State Parks.

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Address: Stone Mountain State Park, 3042 Frank Pkwy, Roaring Gap, NC 28668, USA
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Stone Mountain North Carolina

May 05, 2023

What is Stone Mountain North Carolina known for?

Stone Mountain State Park is located in North Carolina and is known for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor recreational activities, and its prominent granite dome called Stone Mountain.

Here are some of the highlights and features that make Stone Mountain State Park special:

  • Stone Mountain: The park's namesake, Stone Mountain, is a massive granite dome that stands at an elevation of 600 feet. It offers breathtaking panoramic views from the summit and attracts rock climbers and hikers from around the region.
  • Hiking Trails: Stone Mountain State Park offers a network of hiking trails that wind through diverse landscapes, including forests, streams, and meadows. The most popular trail is the Stone Mountain Loop Trail, a 4.5-mile loop that leads to the summit of Stone Mountain and showcases waterfalls, rock formations, and scenic vistas.
  • Waterfalls: The park is home to several picturesque waterfalls, including the 200-foot-tall Stone Mountain Falls and the 75-foot-tall Widow's Creek Falls. These cascades provide beautiful spots for photography, relaxation, and exploration.
  • Camping and Picnicking: Stone Mountain State Park offers a range of camping options, including tent camping, RV camping, and backpack camping. There are also picnic areas equipped with tables and grills, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal amidst the park's natural beauty.
  • Fishing and Stream Recreation: The park features more than 17 miles of trout streams, making it a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. Visitors can cast their lines in search of trout, bass, and other fish species while enjoying the serene surroundings.
  • Wildlife and Nature Observation: Stone Mountain State Park is teeming with diverse wildlife, including deer, black bears, bobcats, and various bird species. Nature enthusiasts can explore the park's trails and open spaces to observe and appreciate the natural flora and fauna.


How much does it cost to get into Stone Mountain State Park in North Carolina?

For day use, the cost per vehicle is $7.00. If you plan to camp at the park, the fees vary based on the type of camping and the season. Tent camping ranges from $15.00 to $26.00 per night, while RV camping ranges from $26.00 to $65.00 per night. Backpack camping permits are available for $15.00 per night. However, it's important to note that these fees can change over time, so check the official website or contact the park directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding current fees and any potential changes.