Underneath Raleigh, North Carolina Lies A Creepy Yet Amazing Abandoned Village

Plenty of people walk through Raleigh every day – politicians, students, parents – yet many don’t realize that they might actually be walking over what once was a serious hotspot for nightlife, gatherings, and general fun in Raleigh. Formerly known as The Village Subway, this was the place to go for clubbing, live music, and some good ol’ times. Many remember their experiences beneath Cameron Village fondly; it was ‘the’ place for live music with performances from bands like R.E.M. But no good time can last forever, and after worries about fire code violations, doors were shut and businesses were closed. While an interested retailer promised to bring new life, the Raleigh underground never saw the light of day. Today, it sits decayed, abandoned, and also mysterious. It’s a tale of interconnectivity beneath North Carolina’s Capital City. A place that houses the ghosts of music, laughter, and enjoyment for all.

If you didn’t get tickets or simply want to see what it’s like to walk through the Village Subway, watch this video posted by Candid Slice below.

One commenter said that places like this are what make cities quirky and unique and that if he had a say, it would be revitalized.
If you weren’t there to experience the fun for yourself, this video by Cameron Village on YouTube is a unique education on the history and the culture that Village Subway brought to the Capitol City.

Do you have memories here and perhaps wish something would come of this abandoned village? Share them in the comments!

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