North Carolina has a lot of reasons to celebrate. From pickles to white squirrels to the coming snow season to a shared love of dance, there seems to be a festival for each type of person, and really, every season. While some are not for everyone, some you must experience at least once. Here are some truly unique festivals in North Carolina that you’re sure to love:

What is your favorite festival in North Carolina? Have you been to any of these? What would you call the best festivals in North Carolina? Tell us which one your favorite is in the comments.

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Best Festivals In North Carolina

What are the best festivals in NC for families with kids?  

You’ll find lots of amazing events and festivals in NC, many of which are perfect for families with little ones hoping to find something fun to do. In April, you can’t miss the Spring Daze and Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival, in Cary, and in May there’s the Meet in the Street Festival in Wake Forest that offers up tons of kid’s activities, food, and fun. We also love bringing the little ones to the annual Wizard of Oz Festival, which is traditionally held in Beech Mountain.  

What are the best festivals in North Carolina?  

The list continues! Other amazing North Carolina festivals you need to add to your bucket list ASAP include ones like the Liberty Antiques Festival, which is seriously as amazing as it sounds like it should be, and the strange-but-delicious North Carolina Pickle Festival is a joyful can’t-miss. We’re also hopelessly obsessed with the North Carolina Apple Festival, which might just be one of the best things to do in North Carolina during the fall.  

Which North Carolina festivals are the most popular?  

We would have to say that, out of all the festivals in North Carolina that there are to choose from, by far the most popular is the can’t-miss Carolina Renaissance Festival, which takes place on weekends every autumn. Amazingly, it’s one of the largest ren fests in the world, and it’s all ours! We couldn’t be prouder. Check out more than 100 amazing vendors, artisans, and craftsmen. Watch some fun shows, check out the archery competitions, and more. The Carolina Renaissance Festival is a joy and a half, and we wish it was all year (but then it wouldn’t be so special, we suppose). Of course, there’s also always the State Fair – usually in October. It’s huge, but that counts as a festival!  

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