10 Gorgeous Frozen Waterfalls In North Carolina That Must Be Seen To Be Believed

Winter in western North Carolina usually brings snow, ice, and freezing cold temps. While certain areas experience a more mild winter, our beloved waterfalls – usually deep within the mountains – have no choice but to acclimate to the conditions and freeze over. If you’ve ever seen a waterfall frozen, a 60 ft. hunk of ice, it’s quite incredible. With a little hiking and some warm clothes, witnessing it for yourself is attainable. But if you prefer to stay warm by the fire, you can still get the experience below.

To really feel like you’re standing right there, watch this amazing video by RomanticAsheville to see the frozen waterfalls in action –

Winter, and mother nature, sure can be incredible! I hope I can make it out to see one or two for myself this year. What are some of your favorite frozen waterfalls in North Carolina?

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