This Swimming Hole Hike In North Carolina Leads To A Hidden Quarry Filled With Spring Water

After a hike on a hot summer day, few things feel better than a dip in some cold water – unless that dip takes place in an old rock quarry now filled with chilling spring water. If you’re up for an adventure, this swimming hole hike in North Carolina leads to a relatively hidden spot – hidden to all but the locals who are familiar with this dreamy, natural pool.

Before we continue; however, it’s worth noting that the NC Division of Parks and Recreation highly discourages swimming here and that the area is regularly patrolled by rangers. With that in mind, if you’re swimming and using the quarry in a manner that could be hazardous, you can bet a ranger will ask you to leave the area completely. Safety is everyone’s most important concern, so if you see someone not making smart decisions and they’re using the quarry in a way that could cause injury, we’re sure the rangers would appreciate a head’s up.

The trail to this natural swimming hole in North Carolina is approximately two miles. You’ll start your trek on Cabelands Trail and then veer off onto Eno Quarry Trail once you’re in the forest. The parking lot for the Cabelands trailhead is small, so arrive very early or late in the day to get a spot. No overflow parking is allowed on the road. Learn more about the Cabelands Trail to Eno Quarry Trail from this link on

Parking lot for the trailhead Address: 36 Howe Street, Durham, NC, 27705

Exploring a swimming hole in the middle of the woods is like finding a needle in a haystack. For another hidden treasure, keep reading here to discover an emerald swimming lagoon hiding deep in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.