You’ll Want To See The Mysterious ‘Blue Ghosts’ Of North Carolina Before Summer Is Over

Catching fireflies (or lightning bugs) and putting them in a mason jar is a favorite North Carolina pastime. Even if you’re not barefoot in the summer grass, anxiously cupping one or two in your palm, it’s exciting to watch them glow and dance around the yard on a dark night. While the fireflies make their annual appearance each North Carolina summer, there’s a very rare breed of firefly that appears in DuPont State Forest, for a limited time. Instead of a yellow, flashing light, they glow in shades of blue and green, and can glow for up to a minute. Thus, the proper name – phausis reticulata, has coined the nickname as the ‘blue ghost firefly.’

If you need more proof North Carolina is truly a magical place, here you have it. Have you witnessed the Blue Ghost fireflies for yourself, or tried to? When do you believe is the best time to view them?

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