You Can See 4 Waterfalls In Just One Day Of Hiking In North Carolina

What can be better than a leisurely, stress-free hike that leads to four spectacular waterfalls in a matter of a few hours? Enjoy an easy-going hike when you step on the trails that lead to four waterfalls closely located to one another within the Dupont State Forest near Brevard and Hendersonville. Lace up your boots, or just wear some comfortable shoes, and hit this 5.6-mile, four-waterfall trail hike in North Carolina.

If there were to be another trail marker in this section of the Dupont State Forest, it could easily say Four Waterfalls Trail. But until that happens, you’ll just need to follow the route of myriad trails mapped out in the map above. They’ll take you to all four of the fantastic falls on this waterfall trail hike in North Carolina.

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