Here Are The 10 Poorest Places In North Carolina

While the general idea of North Carolina is a beautiful state (it is) with amazing mountains, sweeping greenery, and pristine coastline, at the same time no state is free of poverty. In general, North Carolina ranks 39th in America for ‘richest states’ with the median household income at $43,916. While Charlotte is a financial hub, the mountains see plenty of retirees, and living on the coast is anything but cheap – throughout the state you find an expanse of rich and poor. Using data compiled by Road Snacks that takes in to consideration poverty level, population, and unemployment, here are the 10 poorest cities in North Carolina.

This list is in no way demeaning to these places or their beauty and culture; it is merely tidbits of information for our North Carolina readers.

One trend I find in a lot of this is the number of small businesses closed and also the amount of once large industrial or factory hubs that have moved elsewhere. What do you think about this list? What do you consider some of the poorest places in North Carolina? Even when you enter cities like Charlotte or Raleigh, there’s still poverty. Sadly, it’s something in America that is hard to escape and hopefully we can help and improve the quality of life for all.

If you’re looking for something a little different, these 10 places in North Carolina are amazing to live in, have that wow factor, but are also extremely affordable.