The Yurt In New York That’s Perfect For People Who Hate Camping

For a lot of tourists, camping can be a better idea in theory than it is in practice. If traditional camping isn’t really your cup of tea, the Climbing Vine Cottage in upstate New York might be the key to a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend in solitude. This yurt in the Finger Lakes Region combines amenities with simplicity, where visitors can enjoy complete comfort while surrounded by a serene natural environment.

If the Climbing Vines Cottage looks enticing, you can find out more about booking options here. If the cottage is too long a drive for a weekend getaway, fun glamping spots like Adirondack Safari, Camp Orenda and Branches of Niagara are great spots as well. But when it comes to the Finger Lakes Region, Climbing Vines Cottage is going to be one of your best options.

Address: Newfield, NY, USA