The Epic Snowstorm That New York Will Never Ever Forget

You know all of those funny snowstorm pictures you see online of people opening their front door, only to find that they can see nothing but a tall mound of snow before them? Well… that was Western New York two years ago, more specifically the city of Buffalo. It seems hard to imagine so much time has passed, but it was back in 2014 when this area of our state was affected by a historic snowstorm that’s one we’ll never ever forget.

If you never had the chance of seeing what #Snowvember looked like from a bird’s-eye view, then watch this outstanding drone footage captured by Norris Clifton Creative on YouTube!

Do you remember where you were during Snowvember? Were you affected by this historic snowstorm? If you were living in Western New York two years ago, make sure you share your memorable pictures from the storm with us in the comments on Facebook!

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