The Sapphire Natural Pool In New York That’s Devastatingly Gorgeous

Like always, before I go on to talk about one of our many naturals wonders, I’m going to rant a little about how important it is that we keep them protected. When visiting any outdoor space, it’s important to act out the Leave No Trace principles. Basic rules to follow like always respecting nature and wildlife, disposing of your trash and taking nothing with you that isn’t yours, so we can help keep some of New York’s most beautiful spaces well-preserved. With that said, warmer weather on the horizon has us dreaming about some of our favorite waterfront locations and adventures. Ready to dream about days spent in the sun? Then take a look at this gorgeous blue hole that will leave you speechless.

While there’s nothing like seeing this amazingly clear water for yourself in person, you can get a taste of this natural wonder in the footage captured by ELRICH695 on YouTube below:

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