You Must Taste A Spiedie At This Unique Sandwich Restaurant In New York

What’s a spiedie? If you are from or have ever lived in the Binghamton, New York area, then you already know. Spiedies are special and very tasty regional cuisine; they are only a very well-known thing in this little pocket of the nation. If you know, you know – and so you’re probably craving one right now. Read on to learn more about spiedies, and about Lupo’s S&S Char-Pit, which is where you should go to get one.

Now that you know more about spiedies, you probably want one! Lupo’s S&S Char-Pit awaits. Plan a trip to the Binghamton area today and bring your appetite. It’s no wonder these sandwiches are so popular!

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Address: Lupo's S&S Charpit, 6 W State St, Binghamton, NY 13901, USA