With 180 state parks spread all over New York, it’s always a work in progress to cross all of these beautiful places off of your bucket list. By now, you’ve probably already visited spots like Watkins Glen, Niagara Falls, and Letchworth, but if you’re looking for less-crowded places to explore that you’ll have a better chance of having all to yourself, then this list is just for you. From out on Long Island to up in New York’s North Country, take a look at what a visit to literally any amazing state park in New York has to offer visitors.

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State Parks to Visit in New York

What are some of the best state parks in New York?  

You might want to sit down for this: New York is home to well over 100 state parks and recreation areas. 180, to be exact. If that’s not the best news you’ve ever heard, we don’t know what is! Of course, with so many to choose from, it’s a little tough to decide where to begin. No worries – we got your back. Among our favorite state parks to visit in New York are the amazing Letchworth State Park, in Carlisle. This incredible slice of paradise follows part of the Genessee River, and it’s home to several amazing waterfalls you’ve got to see to believe. Watkins Glen State Park is in Watkins Glen (predictably) and is another amazing park with a wonderful waterfall or two – or 20. Finally, check out Wildwood State Park, near Wading River. It’s an amazing beach paradise on the Long Island Sound that feels more like a tropical vacation than New York state. Need a little more inspiration? Check out this list of wonderful New York state parks you ought to visit ASAP.  

What are some of the best hiking trails in New York? 

With 180 amazing state parks and recreation areas, there’s bound to be a ridiculous number of hiking trails, right? Absolutely. In fact, New York is home to 3,900+ awesome hikes and trails, each with its own special significance, landscapes, features, and histories. Some of our favorites include the amazing Bear Mountain Loop, which is within Bear Mountain State Park. It’s 3.8 miles long and rated as moderate, so most hikers will be able to enjoy it. Then, check out the Cascade Mountain/Porter Mountain via Cascade Mountain Trail, which is a 5.6-mile trek through the amazing High Peaks Wilderness. It’s rated as hard, though, so make sure you’re able to conquer it while planning your hike before you go. Need something a little easier? We got you – the Lake Missekaska Loop Trail is 1.9 miles of easy hiking and great for folks of all skill levels. Of course, with literally thousands more to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfect even if none of these pique your interest.  

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