There’s A House That’s So Terrifying It Was Legally Declared Haunted By New York State

By now you probably know about plenty of amazing haunted houses in New York that will truly put your bravery to the test during the Halloween season. But there’s a house that sits right on the Hudson River in the small village of Nyack that actually has legal proof that it’s haunted. Yes, you read that right! Known today as the “Ghostbusters Ruling”, this one house has a frightening story behind it that you won’t believe.

*** NOTE: Only In Your State does NOT encourage venturing to this house. Respect the current owner’s privacy by admiring it only from your screen.

Did you know about this house? There are plenty of out-of-the-ordinary places that remain hiding in plain sight. Out in Syracuse you can even find a Traffic Light That’s Unlike Any Other That You’ll See In America!