This Epic Mountain In New York Will Drop Your Jaw

New York, home to America’s largest state park, has over 40 mountains with peaks higher than 4,000 feet! Do your legs feel like Jell-O just from reading that? Mine do! While you may be familiar with the Adirondack 46, you may not know that actually a handful of those peaks have elevations that fall just under 4,000 feet. In later years, surveys were done which revealed that four of the mountains didn’t quite technically make the cut, but for tradition’s sake no one ever shunned these mountains off of the list. But enough about the family…let’s get to our state park’s golden child!

Even if you’ve visited Whiteface Mountain, we can almost guarantee you’ve never quite seen it the way you can in this incredible aerial footage. Check this out!

How beautiful was that footage from above? Have we managed to convince you that Whiteface Mountain is an absolute must-see? Tell us if you’ve already visited this high peak and your favorite things about it in the comments below!