Diller Is A Pickle-Themed Restaurant In New York That’s Right Next To The Ultimate Pickle Market Of Your Dreams

We love to highlight all sorts of amazing attractions and eateries around here at Only In New York, but there’s nothing quite like uncovering one of our state’s whimsically-themed restaurants. In the past, we’ve showcased everything from a Beatles-themed establishment at Penny Lane Cafe out in the small town of Clarence, to an entire Oscar Wilde-themed restaurant that also happens to be home to the longest bar in all of New York State – Whoa! Well, as if those two spots didn’t get you excited enough, let us show you how there’s an entire pickle-themed restaurant in New York that just so happens to be situated right next to the ultimate pickle market of your dreams. If you think these two dining destinations sound too good to be true, then give them a look for yourself.

If pickles don’t appeal to your appetite, then don’t worry because there are plenty of other incredible dining destinations around the Empire State for you to visit. To those who are looking for another restaurant to explore, then try reading about how The Sunday Buffet At Shadows On The Hudson In New York Is A Delicious Road Trip Destination!No,

Address: 357 Grand St, New York, NY 10002, USA