Public Health Warnings Have Been Issued For These New York Lakes

New York’s summertime heat may compel us to go searching for the nearest body of water to cool off in, but this year there are some lakes and beaches that you’ll want to avoid. A cause for concern that sadly isn’t new to New Yorkers, according to the latest information posted by the DEC – there are quite a few lakes that have been confirmed for having toxins and harmful compounds that are referred to as HABs. Interested in arming yourself with this useful information? Then let’s keep scrolling to take a look at exactly what we’re dealing with.

If you believe you’ve come across a HAB in a body of water or yourself, family, friends, or pets have come in contact with a bloom – report the bloom to the DEC. People can fill out and submit a Suspicious Algal Bloom Report, and also send digital photos of suspected blooms to