This Abandoned Girl Scout Camp In A New York State Park Is Like Something From A Horror Film

This little-known state park in Sodus is unlike any you’ve visited before. The scenic park on Lake Ontario was once a summer camp for Girl Scouts, full of laughter, singing, and activity. Camp Beechwood was abandoned in 1996 due to financial problems, and since then it has changed a lot. Though it is now called Beechwood State Park, the old camp structures remain. The dilapidated cabins look like the setting for a horror movie, the Olympic-sized swimming pool is crumbling and covered in graffiti, and the interiors are downright eerie. The sight of such gloomy scenes where something as joyful and carefree as a summer camp should be is pretty disturbing. It all shows how quickly nature starts reclaiming what we build, the minute we stop maintaining it.

These photos are extra creepy because they were taken in early Spring, before the warm weather would come and blanket the park in a layer of greenery, giving it more of an enchanted than scary feel. The park is open to the public daily from dawn til sundown, so you can choose which version of the abandoned camp you want to see by choosing when you visit.

Check out some chilling photos of the abandoned camp below:

Though they have remained for 20 years, there’s no telling if or when the park might choose to tear them down. If you think you’d like to visit Beechwood State Park, start making plans soon. Admission is free.

What do you think of this unique state park? Would you want to visit?